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Ken's Tours Kyoto


23 Nakanoshimacho, Fukakusa, Fushimi-ku,Kyoto


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Tea break with Maiko, geisha apprentice

1.5 hours


per person

What we will do

Kyoto is famed for its shrines and temples, which are full of countless unique stories that will astonish you, making you fall in love with and connect yourself to their ancient history. I am deeply fascinated by the living traditions called Geisha or Geiko hidden behind the sliding doors of Kagai(花街). The mysterious world of Geisha can seem exclusive and challenging to discover, so on my experience we will take tea break, talking with Maiko, Geisha apprentice and I will reveal  the entertainers who adhere to this traditional lifestyle, their history, rituals, and nuances of the art-form. 

・Meet up at 宮川町歌舞練場/Miyagawacho Kaburenjo(Dancing hall) and walk to the old Kyo-Machiya Cafe called Roji-Usagi. We chartered  the entire cafe for the experience and would like you not only seeing Geisha but also relaxing in the cozy Kyoto townhouse.
・At the beginning part we will discuss the living traditions, their lifestyle and history.
・We would announce like "Ladies and gentle men..." and she, Maiko will show up. First we will watch her dancing.
・Then we will talk with and ask her, taking a cup of tea together.
・Tour will end all of sudden because she will have the next performance, will be in a hurry. We will see her off, saying "Sayonara".