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23 Nakanoshimacho, Fukakusa, Fushimi-ku,Kyoto


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Hidden hike of Fushimi Inari

What we will do

Just tourists walking in crowds and trying to get instagrammable photos in the arch of orange gates. May not have chance to know what's hidden behind of the gates, even just call it "orange gates". We provide a hiking experience in Fushimi Inari which takes you to the main path filled with the famous vermilion torii gates then goes off paved paths, onto ancient trails, into hidden bamboo groves and Buddhist waterfalls. 

4 hours

Tofukuji station

Tofukuji temple


Yakurikisha shrine

Summit of Mt.Inari

Hidden bamboo grove


Thousands of vermillion torii gates

Fushimi Inari main shrine

If you want to go for "a hike", you should choose 4 hours which is perfect to hike lovers. We'll begin at Tofukuji station, visit Tofukuji temple and wander into a quiet neighborhood on the way to Mt.Inari. Then take a 50 year-old ancient trail connect to the summit of Mt.Inari. You'll see a Buddhist waterfall, moss-coated Shinto statues and learn Buddhism, Shinto and its mixture. Then we'll go down on the main path but onto a hidden trail again which leads to a epic bamboo grove and thousands of vermilion torii gates. We'll finish at the main shrine of Fushimi Inari at the base of Mt.Inari.


for private group up to 6 guests



2 hours

Fushimi Inari shrine


Thousands of vermillion torii gates


Hidden bamboo grove

Buddhist waterfall "Koho-no-Taki"

If you want to go for "a little" walk and hike, you should choose 2 hours. We'll begin at the entrance gate, walk into the main shrine and through thousands of vermilion torii gate. Then go off  the paved path onto an ancient trail to find a hidden bamboo grove and Buddhist waterfall.


for private group up to 6 guests



The best tour-guides I have ever met. Ken is very approachable and knowledgeable, he made every part of the tour extremely interesting, the three hours flew by. After this experience you will have a deeper knowledge of Japanese culture and history. I highly recommend this tour, it's definitely worth it.

6th Aug 2019


I haven't gone on the other tours of Fushimi Inari but I'd be surprised if any is better than this tour. Ken is genuinely fun and knowledgeable. This was reflected in every part of the tour. He was either telling an interesting story (that I will surely steal for later cocktail parties) or telling a humorous anecdote (that made the 3 hour walk seem like 3 minutes since we had so much fun). Finally, he has followed up to ensure that I am having a great time in Kyoto for the remainder of my stay. Also, this is not just a hiking tour. This is a tour of a beautiful, historic part of Kyoto with a person to help explain everything down to the 6 inch shrines. 

30th July 2019