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Ken's Tours Kyoto


23 Nakanoshimacho, Fukakusa, Fushimi-ku,Kyoto


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Explore Gion, the Geisha world!

Where we will walk 

2-2.5 hours

Statue of Izumo no Okuni

Kabuki theater


Yatsuhashi/Kyoto cookie shop

Gion Shirakawa



Hanamikoji Street

Yasui-konpiragu Shrine

Yasaka pagoda


What we will do

Kyoto is famed for its shrines and temples, which are full of countless unique stories that will astonish you, making you fall in love with and connect yourself to their ancient history. I am deeply fascinated by the tales and traditions hidden among the streets and behind the sliding doors of Gion. The mysterious world of Geisha can seem exclusive and challenging to discover, so on my tour I will reveal the history, rituals, and nuances of the art-form as well as the entertainers who adhere to this traditional lifestyle, while simultaneously providing other interesting facts and a deeper understanding of Kyoto through the secret or small details that are often hard to notice for visitors and locals alike.

・Tour begin right in front of Statue of Izumo no Okuni, she originated Kabuki theatre and inspired Geisha culture.
・In Gion, you’ll learn of the lives of Geisha. With luck, you might even spot one! 
・Visiting local shrines and temples, from overlooked to popular ones, you'll learn their basics and unique stories.
・Tour ends at the oldest Buddhist tower. I'll take a great pic of you with it!


for private group up to 6 guests


Kentaro’s timing is SPOT ON! From comedy, to seeing Geisha saunter to entertain clients in secret alleyways, and the culmination of a beautiful sunset vantage point adjacent a Buddhist temple, this was a fantastic evening! My husband and I had a great time! Ken has a great sense of humor and a unique knowledge of Geisha culture. Yes, you COULD wander around the Gion district aimlessly in hopes of a geisha sighting OR you could have Kentaro put you in the PERFECT spot at the PERFECT time and not miss a moment. Seriously, this tour and Ken are the SAKIBOMB!

29th Aug 2019


Ken is an awesome guide with expert knowledge about the gion area! He is super friendly, funny and considerate. We ended a little be earlier because our pace was faster. Ken took us to one of his recommendation for lunch and it was OMG Fantastic!! I would really recommend anyone to take his tour! Not only he introduces you to the culture but also guide you through small unique alleys that are otherwise quite hard to find. We enjoyed it soo much!

5th Sept 2019